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Compact laminate, the extraordinary panel in building material

The compact laminate, works as a new type of material in some partition fields, with the speical strong function in its performance such as the waterproof, fire resistance, anti-bacteria......

May 18, 2016
What are the differences between MFC and hpl laminate

To dintinguish the differences from the hpl laminate and MFC can help customers to choose the desired product in an equivent values, Jialifu always try to give a favor to customers.

May 25, 2016
Get the compact hpl, enjoy it for a life time

Jialifu is able to prduce the compact hpl with the formaldehyde emission under the E0 Level which make sure the safe and indoor environment for your families. Choose our compact hpl, choose the right life style.

June 1, 2016
Notice on the Jialifu Dragon Boat Fesitival

The notice on Jialifu Dragon Boat Festival holiday causing the inconvenience to cusotomers but we promise we still keep in 24-hour online to get through.

June 6, 2016
Why it is suggested to install Hpl wall claddings

Jialifu, the professional compact laminate board manufacturer also specializes on making the hpl wall cladding, no matter what kind of hpl wall claddings, Jialifu can meet your diffeent demands.

June 15, 2016