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China Import and Export Fair 2017 Came to Close

China Import and Export Fair 2017, or as known as Cantonfair 2017 finally came to an fruitful close, Jialifu took part in this event as a toilet cubicle and locker manu

October 20, 2017
How Does Compact Laminate Perform

Compact laminate is widely used for toilet partition, locker, bench and table, wall cladding etc.

March 16th, 2015
What is compact laminate?

Compact laminate is also called compact high pressure laminate(hpl), it is a wear-resistant decrative panel.

Why people choose compact laminate?

The compact laminate is made of 

April 12, 2016
What drives the gymnasium to choose the compact laminate?

Why so many choose to use the compact laminate as the lockers or toilet partition in large stadiums? The secrets sit in the functions of compact laminate. Learn more about laminate will surprise you more.

April, 20, 2016