White phenolic table is designed for indoor use and commercial applications. These white phenolic materials are resistant to environment risks and easy to clean.
The combination of the compact laminate top with stainless frame shows the fashionable and simple atmosphere. The high grade stainless steel is secured not easy to rust even though exposing to bring sun or heavy rain.
Exterior table tops and patio table tops including outdoor restaurant tables that made of exterior laminate board, with colorful exterior tables and seating, Jialifu outdoor furniture provides you a comfortable environment for resting.
Jialifu HPL Composite table top is friendly to combine with any frame. Customer can choose different colors of composite table top according to the place and other accessories. Multiple colors and functions not only fashionable but also practical is your
Modern office table should equip with the accordant desk. Jialifu office desk made by HPL is always in the line of fashion, the prudent and concise color can well fit in the atmosphere of the office.