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Get the compact hpl, enjoy it for a life time

Compact hpl? Have you heard of it? Or you have already bought it for your building materials or furniture decorations? How much do you know about it and cam you recognize it? Now, here I will make some recommendation for you.

The compact hpl is also called compact laminate or phenolic board, is made from multiple layers of solid and hard kraft paper, reinforced by thermossetting resins under high pressure and temperature so that the board is with tough and high density from the inside to outside which makes it with the excellent performance of waterproof and fire resistance. The panel has gone through the high temperature, layers compression to compose into the interior construction and then the two sides of the overlay are the laminate sheet which will never fade out and fall off from the cover.

Well then, how to distinguish the truth or false from a lot of panels? Here is a recommendation. When you visit the the factory or ask for the sample from your seller, you can require to have a look at the sectional drawing, if it is the compact hpl, you will see the thickness of the panel is stacked by the craft paper one after another.

The last one is that the compact hpl is of the green products we promote in the 21th century. The emission of formaldehyde of the compact laminate can be under control in E0 level. That is to say the panel is absolutely safe and harmless to our bodies. You can rest assure using the product for long time until it doesn’t work.

Regardless the styles and colors of the compact hpl are available to change according the different requirements of people, just to start off the performances but still can bring quite a lot edges and conveniences for people in daily life.

If the compact hpl hasn’t come to your sight, why not have a try of it? Maybe it will cause the surprise beyond your expectation for you. To cite of the grand word, get the compact hpl, enjoy it for a life time.

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