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What are the differences between MFC and hpl laminate

MFC, the full name is Melamine Faced Chipboard, is a kind of building material widely used in toilet partition, table top and other constructions. Maybe you have heard of the MFC and hpl laminate these two panels, but do you know the differences between them or do you know how to recognize them?

Let me show you some information.

The Melamine Faced Chipboard is with a variety of thickness selection, but typically the industry standard is 18mm thick. It is made by the real bits of wood, which is repeatedly printed onto a Melamine film, and heat processed onto a sheet of chipboard mixing some moistureproof particles in it .

The hpl laminate, consisted by layers of kraft paper, the paper is treated in melamine phenolic resins with a solid color or design, reinforced by thermosetting resins under high pressure and temperature. Finishing with the outer surface can printed design patterns or other decorative features.

Then, what do the functions they possess?

The standard thickness of the MFC is 18mm but is 12mm for hpl laminate. Thanks to the moistureproof particles in MFC and the high density and special materials of the hpl laminate make both them to get the function of moisture resistance. But the MFC depends on the moistureproof particles to absorb the water while the hpl laminate relies on the high density to hold back of the water. And the former is much lighter than hpl laminate.

For the edge processing, the finished MFC will be cut to shape and size, edged with a banding machine to protect the edges. But the edge of hpl laminate just need to be incised by special machine will be smooth and unitive without edge wrap.

The light MFC makes it easier to remove and install comparing with the hpl laminate. Besides, the hpl laminate can bear with the fire and be hard enough to prevent graffiti, which will not come up in MFC.

Judging from the statement above, you might as well consider to buy the hpl laminate if the environment is unstable with high requirements of the performances.

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