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Investing For Your “Building”--Cladding

Let’s start our topic from a tall building--Gherkin,the 21st symbolic building in London,which is regarded as one of the most interesting building around the world of the 21st century.Compared to ancient buildings in Europe,it is modern, trendy and more popular which also represents the improvement of architecture.But if you observe carefully,you will find a vital distinction between both,that is cladding.

Let us put the ancient building aside temporarily and discuss the buildings several decades ago and nowadays.Look at the following picture,does it remind you of the life at least two decades ago?Broken glass,worn wood and old brick,they build a whole house while brick is as a kind of cladding generally.Coming to modern world,they may have developed into the red one using durable and artistic brick which looks classical.The technology of architecture has been developed a lot and means our house could last for longer theoretically.But if it will develop in accordance with our expectation,let’s wait and see.

Another cladding I wanna say is the glass cladding,just as I mentioned before like Gherkin,it looks so fashionable and gives us a sense of “cool”.It’s time to point a turning-point as you suppose,glass cladding is actually not cool which it’s the biggest technical problem I reckon.Owing to its high heat transfer coefficient,the cladding will become extremely hot in hot seasons while in cold seasons it will turn so cold which could cause a “deadly” feeling to you,that’s uncomfortableness!Beautiful but uncomfortable for glass cladding,classical but not durable for brick cladding.It is time for you to invest for your “building”---hpl cladding.

What’s hpl? And what is hpl cladding?As a high pressure laminate manufacturer,Jialifu could responsibly tell you,hpl will be a trend no matter for interior wall cladding panels or exterior wall cladding materials.For more information about hpl,please read my past passage A Neglected Board--HPL via or know more about hpl cladding directly via

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