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Exterior HPL
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Exterior HPL

JIALIFU, except for providing the solid compact laminate for indoor decoration, but also supply different kinds of exterior HPL with the unique ingenuity design to ornament your exteriors or outer walls. Setting up the exterior HPL of JIALIFU will boost the taste of the whole building. It can not only protect the inward wall but also make the outer surface look beautiful and elegant.


The hunmanized and rational design of the exterior HPL is made of the fine compact laminate which make it possible in the performances whose panel is impervious to water, fire, scrape, chemicals and sunlight exposure. Of course, you don’t worry that the exterior HPL will lose the original luster or be out of its shape as the time goes by.  


The designs and patterns can be customized according to the conditions or your requirements. The HPL allows you to decorate the offices, houses, saloons, hotels or the whole building structures in your preferred style. We believe a well design of the exterior HPL could bring you another feeling of visual expression and it can lift up the mood in some extent.




  • Kick-proof panels are resistant to vandalism

  • Standard size: H1300  * D1200  * W1000 

  • Low-height doors so teachers can supervise children

  • Door (mm): W600*H900 

  • Easy to install, clean and maintain

  • Panels: 12mm thick 

  • Vailable in an array of attractive primary colour finishes

  • Fitting: 304 stainless steel

  • Up to 20 years useful life with 2 years warranty

  • Edging: Square & L shape

  • Waterproof panels to prevent mildew and bacteria growth

  • Environment : Dry and Wet

Dry hanging is adopting unique UTrack and C Stud of dry hanging, cooperating adjustable pendant, crashproof adhesive tape, corner fastener and some other hardwares to install.

√ Waterproof, moisture-proof, mildew-proof

√ Impact-resistant, scratch-resistant, anti-corrosive

√ Smooth and not easy to deform

√ Fireproof, acid and alkali resistance, easy to clean and maintain

√ Strong weather resistamce UV protection

√ Dismountable, nontoxic, no off-smell

Sticking is based on the finish of interior wall, using JiaLifu wall cladding with cladding exclusive glue to stick.

√ Stable performance, easy to construct, convenient and efficiency, low cost

√ Colorful, high cost performance


JIALIFU open the gate for the buyer from all over the world. Our operation cases have spread all over the world. This time, it's an introduction describing a building in New Caledonia.New Caledonia is a French island near Oceania, having less than 1 million population. 

When the project engineer contacted us, they were very worried that if we would receive the order from so distant areas. Our employees instantly reply we welcome the guest from all over the world and have the ability to deliver the products on time. Before long, we signed the contracts and shipped the products to their island in time. We JIALIFU insist that we treat every buyer equally and believe that the future of global online business will spread to every corner in the world so we should improve our producing and managing ability. A total of 1545 sets of toilet partition with grenn door were placed in this order. The size of the cubicle is(H)1860mm*(D)400mm*(W)1200mm


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