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Select a Suitable "Dress" for Building

As I have mentioned in my last article, "dress" a building has been a trend as you can see from most modern huge buildings and large mansions because of not only aesthetics but many practical functions such as the following factors, reduction of maintenance cost, reduction of energycost, improvementof acoustical, thermal performance and etc. So now the biggest problem comes to us, how to select a suitable "dress" for our building. In other words,what kind of wall cladding fits you best?

Let us go straight to the point,there are many kinds of wall cladding on the market like stone,wood,metal which are main and most common selections of material that you could find anywhere. And then how to make a detailed comparison? I am not gonna list my opinions as one, two, three without evidence which sounds like a joke so that let’s see the picture of comparison of HPL wall cladding, wood cladding,stone cladding,metal cladding according to the survey by Formica, an authoritative international corporation specilizing in construction for years.

What I am trying to say is as above,but you may not outguess that the price of HPL wall cladding will be a little lower than the others.How is it? If you still wanna know more about wall cladding or make a comparsion between other wall claddings,please feel free to contact me via or know more about Jialifu via

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