Compact Laminate
Compact Laminate
1.Waterproof and fireproof 2. Anti-corrosive, not mildew, no peculiar smell 3. A wide range of colors and flexible design



Compact Laminate(HPL)

Jialifu compact laminate(HPL) is regarded as one of the most durable decorative materials and is available with many excellent properties including fire&wear resistant,durable,waterproof,etc.It is made of decorative colored paper that contains leaching melamine resin. In addition, stacking multi-layer black or brown kraft paper that contains phenolic aldehyde or urea-formaldehyde resin up.Then, using steel plate to suppress on the state 150 Celsius degree 1430 psi. Finally, hpl can be made. The thickness can be adjusted according to the number of kraft paper sheets.Owing to its excellent properties,compact laminate now is widely used in the construction industry as material of wall cladding,commercial table,toilet partition,locker,bench,etc.

 Product Strengths:


Thickness:2mm to 25mm


Owing to HPL's excellent properties,it could be widely used in many fields especially construction industry such as wall cladding,commercial table,bench,toilet partition and other HPL finishes.

The panel are packed by foam plastic bag inner and wooden pallet with belt outside to protect

the items from damage during transportation. Also can be packed as your requirement

Shippment:7-15 days upon receiving your deposit.

If you have any questions,please feel free to contact us directly via Jialifu.