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HPL (High-Pressure Laminate) vs. LPL (Low-Pressure Laminate)

Many people ask what the difference is between HPL (high-pressure laminate) and LPL (low-pressure laminate). Now let's take a look at how they are made and what are the difference between them.

HPL, is also known as compact laminate, high-pressure laminate and solid phenolic board. The HPL panel is made from multiple layers of great quality kraft paper and decorative paper which are melamine resin treated, then covered with overlay. Kraft paper is known as the toughest paper in the world, normally used as paper sacks, packaging and sandpaper. The decorative paper is for coloring the surface of the HPL, forming the HPL board in specific solid color and pattern.

LPL, simply the shortening spelling of low-pressure laminate. It is made with high density fiber core, decorative paper treated with melamine resin, covered by protective overlay.

What makes them different from each other is how they are made.

HPL Panel

Literally, HPL is made in higher pressure than LPL. LPL are formed under the pressure of about 400 psi and 200℃ while HPL is under about 1,400 psi and 140℃.

This difference making them a different lifespan. For features, they are really familiar, even though they are both fire and water-proof and antibacterial, HPL can serve a longer time when it comes to a heat or wet environment. So HPL might be a better choice for toilet cubicle, restaurant and other industrials requires long-life products, but when it comes to price, LPL could be more cheap.

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