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Comparison Between Several Common Material

From comparison between compact laminate,hpl material and others, we know that it is suitable for tabletop.

September 9,2016
See a utilitarian society from Rio Paralympics

Jialifu is compact laminate manufacturer that mainly runs tabletop and wall cladding system. 

September 13,2016
Notice on the Mid-Autumn Festival

In Mid-Autumn-Festival,Jialifu will have two days off,when comes back we will continue our compact laminate,tabletop and hpl material.

September 10,2016
Quality-era is out?

It is not really a quality era.Jialifu is good at compact laminate,tabletop and wall cladding system.

September 14,2016
Two highly accepted green boards, crosslam&compact laminate

Compact laminate and crooslam are two accepted green material which could used for tabletop,wall cladding system.

September 17,2016