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Why compact laminate board become our hot-sale product

Why compact laminate board become our hot-sale product? Because compact laminate performs better with competitive price.

October 19,2016
Another green idea about disposal of compact laminate panel waste

Disposal of compact laminate panel has been a difficult problem that many enterprises wanna solve. Jialifu helps you.

October 19,2016
Cleaning&Maintenance of compact laminate, simple but effective

Cleaning and maintenance of compact laminate is so important but easy to be ignored, learn how to clean compact laminate helps you make life of products longer.

October 25,2016
HPL or TFL, take what you want

HPL or TFL, you could take whatever you want according to your need. For more excellent properties, choose HPL or choose TFL.

October 31,2016
Which is better for restroom cubicles between HPL panels and new style PVC

From the features comparison between HPL panels and PVC poanels, we can know which panels is exactly what we need. www.solidphenolicboard

December 22, 2016