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Quality-era is out?

Quality-era is out? This question came to my mind after a long talk with Jane. Jane is an experienced carpenter, also owns a trading company in Australia that mainly running various wooden furniture like table, locker. It used to be popular when his target market is just his own country, but once developed into a trading company, problems came up increasingly.

There is no doubt that a lot of reasons could be explained for its depression such as national difference and product details. However, I found out that Jane kept emphasizing the high quality of his product from raw material to accessories but ignored “service” from beginning to end. When I asked him that have he considered about service, his answer really shocked me. “We always put quality in the first place so that about service is just what our salesmen care.” Jane answered me naturally. I didn’t give my opinion at once but deep in thought. Is quality-era really out?

I couldn’t give you a definite answer, but I could say the best quality products may not be the most hot-sale according to my experience. In an international business, service plays a important role particularly. Shipping, insurance and installation, all of them do matter in such a cross-border trade. No matter what, you have to admit tertiary industry has been a main industry.

All in all, whether quality-era is out is really not a issue because it is the basement of a business but service plays a more and more important role. According to a latest research from America, 85% people won’t make up his or her mind to buy goods with excellent quality but bad service.

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