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Anti-UV,Also Anti-fake

Anti-UV is an important step for many productions.HPL cladding and other wall cladding systems,restaurant table tops are durable of them.

August 30,2016
Time To Add Some “Color” For life

Add some color for life. Round cafe table and cafe table tops and compact laminate should be used differently.

September 1,2016
99% people invest for where they live--interior wall cladding ideas

Interior wall cladding ideas are extermely important for modern house ,among them compact laminate is superb.

September 7,2016
Learn Product Safety From Note 7

From Note 7 we know that product safety is so important that our products compact laminate should be improved too.

September 26,2016
Easy-cleaned, a key point saving cost

Compact laminate is extremely easy to clean that could be used for tabletop especially restaurant table tops.

September 8,2016