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Time To Add Some “Color” For life

Could you recall when you started to be tired of mechanical life? Commuting, having meal, sleep again and again, day after day,almost similar everyday,every month,every year.Sometimes we really wanna change,but don’t know how to start. As a result, it is time to add some “color’ for life or we will still live as a robot.

As far as I am concerned, adding some color is not as difficult as you think, you needn’t to quit your job, you needn’t to leave your home and start a travel around the world. The cool thing starts from your heart, from every little thing in your life.

As the following picture shows, we may have got used to regular thing, the round restaurant table should be elegant, the round cafe table should seems dark for their commercial purpose and cafe table tops should be heavy and thick because they have so many advantages in accord with social trends.

Yeah, it could be and it should be, but nobody stipulates it and trend may changes by you.

Simple and easy, colorful but casual, I don’t know how you feel of this kind of round cafe table but I love it. The free style round cafe table stands for a attitude--stop trapped by life but be the master of your life.

What’s more, compact laminate is the perfect material of these free style of cafe table tops. Optional thickness from 2 mm to 25 mm which could fit your different demands from different groups, light and easy or heavy and commercial. Optional color different from typical wood color and pure black or white, any styles you could choose for your coffee shop. Plus, the excellent properties of compact laminate offer you a reassuring environment.

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