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Waterproof VS Water Resistant,A Crucial Step Choosing Material

In our daily life,we could see anywhere that some goods cost more than others for its attribute of water resistant especially for electronic devices such as watches,cellphones.Actually,building material has a stricter requirement for “water resistance” no matter as its service life, scale of application or security.

Anyhow,let’s give a simple definition of waterproof and water resistant.In some ways,it could resist the penetration of water while in some cases it is out of service completely.That is the general concept of water resistant.What about waterproof? In order to make clear the difference between waterproof and water resistant,I wanna introduce another concept--”water repellent” and rank them of resist the penetration of water.Water resistant is the poorest of three and water repellent ranks second.As a matter of fact,water repellent is a controversial idea in the worldwide because it is hard to define.Hydrophobic is the main distinction between the other two which means it has a better property of a greater chance of resist the penetration of water no matter from inside or outside of the material itself.And then,as you reckon,”waterproof” is the greatest one among three which indicates the best property and superior standard.There is still a approximate international standard for defining them named Ingress Protection Rating scale(IP Code).This scale assigns items a rating from 0-8 in terms of how effective the device is at keeping water from entering into it.

Talking to this,you may have had a general impression about water resistant and waterproof.There is no doubt that waterproof is more applicable than water resistant,but nowadays many manufacturers have mixed them up and usually ignore the difference between them.

You may feel it useless to distinct both,but if I tell you a project could be ruined seriously just because of the little difference,will you more attentive.It is not a joke,as I learn from one of my customers John who holds a large coffee shop with luxury decoration,his exterior wall cladding made of stone of coffee shop started to be eroded after a heavy rain because of lack of maintenance.What a tragedy and how regretful!

As a result,choosing a waterproof building material but not simply water resistant is a really advisable decision in a long term.

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