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Time To Take A Fresh Look At Made-in-China

First of all,I am trying to talk about all the following contents with a objective view through integrating opinions of my foreign customers and friends around the world.Even so,it is much welcome for you to give your own suggestions.

The story starts from a conversation between my American friend Jack and me,a pure Chinese.We are so close that any topics are free for us.Once he complained to me that a toy dog he bought months ago as a birthday present to his son was broken by his son’s “improper operation” and finally he said the made-in-China products are junk.I know he was unintentional,but it really provoked me to anger since I have tried to pretend being clam.It really doesn’t matter how does it devlop,all I wanna discuss is time to take a fresh look at made-in-China.

Frankly speaking,what is your first impression of made-in-China?Let’s get it straight!Some of my foreign friends expressed their disappointment and some felt optimistic.There is no doubt that some tags for made-in-China have been deeply inside like cheap,junk,no Warranty,no Customer Service,poor quality about a dozen years ago.From 2001 China joining WTO,China and made-in-China were rejected by non-tariff barrier like anti-dunping.However,in recent years China is incleasingly pay attention to self-made and quality especially after Xi Jinping took office and announced the new policy “made-in-China”.

Let’s take a pure Chinese enterprise Jialifu for an example.15 years experience in international trade and always puts “quality” in the first place as our domestic compatitors did.Facts speak louder than words,so let’s take some facts.In order to insure quality,we passed ISO9001:2008.In order to protect environment,we passed ISO14001:2004.In order to enhance our competitive powers,we independently develop a new product named metal honeycomb board.In order to win your trust,we tried to make some classic cases in your countries for your reference.Eventually,we have exported to more than 122 countries for 15 years in many fields such as interbational hotel Redwood hotel,compact laminate lockers for Emirates Airline office,Dubai,UAE.In order to be known by more international potential business partner,we attended exhibitions from England to Malaysia.The best strength is that we are manufacturing high-quality ata competitive price.We Jialifu are just a single example among thousands of Chinese enterprises,but as I have mentioned,if made-in-China has made a bad impression on you,it’s time to take a fresh look at made-in-China.We are developing with your approval and we are suprising you.Doubt it? Try it.

Jialifu is a 15-year-old experienced company with our own workshop that dealing with various building material and finishes especially hpl material and related hpl products such as hpl cladding,hpl restaurant table tops,toilet partition,lockers and so on.If you wanna know more about Jialifu,click here

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