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Stop Selling Products And Let’s Solve Problem

There is no doubt that exchange of commodity is the base of commodity economy and then money appears which greatly pushes economic growth.Until modern age,products selling has become a popular subject which is called “marketing”.What’s more,it’s time to update your impression on marketing but no more simply “selling products”.

“Choosing our products is your wise decision because it is so excellent and let me explain why,first...” He says with passion,”if you decide to purchase a large number of it,we could give you a discount.”You should definitely be familiar with the above contents that they are regular and practical,but is it really effective and attractive?My answer is may not be especially in some special fileds.

Let’s see the Coca’s latest slogan in the official website,”Risk and Reward”.Have Coca ever mentioned how great the coca cola tastes?Well,I have to admit Coca is already a super brand but let us focus on what this slogan expresses first.Urbanite nowadys have to make a living by working day and night which has made us easy and comfortable.What is risk? That’s one thing that will break comfort so I choose to be stable.By coincidence,it is actually the point, lack of risk means you won’t get surprise from life which we could also called reward.Here comes the slogan “Risk and Reward”.See? A good product contains a story and product itself means nothing,it is created for solving problem for people.

In the construction industry,project manager,engineer,architect don’t need products,they need a useful solution for house,school,supermarket,etc.

Jialifu is a proferssional problem solver in construction industry basd on our products mainly hpl products(hpl material,hpl panels,compact laminate) including hpl cladding,cafe table tops,restaurant table tops and other hpl finishes like toilet partition.

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