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Round Restaurant Tables Fitting 10 Or More People?

First,tell me what comes to your mind when first see this title?Thai restaurant or Chinese restaurant?Obviously,you will seldom see them in western restaurant while they are so common in some Asian style restaurants .The difference comes from local culture and custom especially between the western countries and eastern.It seems there is no need to judge which is better but I believe you have had your own answer inside.

What do round restaurant tables impress you most?Cozy or busy?There is one thing you have to admit that round tables make us more closer,more like a group but not a negotiation!In my hometown,everytime holding a wedding,big round restaurant tables are necessary with many kinds of Chinese food,talkative people.How pleasant!

On the other hand,if you are gonna plan a little gathering for about 3 friends or 4,a delicate round cafe table in the afternoon with mellow latte and a cake is a better choice.At that time,don’t let rough cafe table tops ruin your nice mood.Smooth and elegant,classical or fashionable,all above could happen in a commercial table top owing to the amazing material--hpl material.It is a changable in my mind,thickness,color,touch could all be customized by you.For more,please visit contact me directly via

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