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See an utilitarian society from Rio Paralympics

Today is the fifth day of the Rio Paralympics, but if I don’t tell, who knows? I guess few. Which country ranks first gold medal count so far? It is China. But who knows? You still remember the wonderful performance by Phelps and some unfair Penalty, but you don’t even know today is day five of the Rio Paralympics. What causes it? Many reasons you could list, but for me I would like to say because it is a commercial society.

Undoubtedly target audience will be less than Rio Olympic games’ so that as you can see, less broadcasters are willing to broadcast the show in consideration of audience rating. That is the first reason I could reckon and the result is that exposure is so poor. Compared with Rio Olympic games’, you even couldn’t find message on some small news websites which makes me so disappointed. What’s more, the dramatic story is always what media prefers while the story of their daily efforts are neglected. I am not gonna say the dramatic story shouldn’t be posted but the nature of the Olympic spirit and some precious things have been overlooked just because it is not attractive enough.

Profit is what we all pursue in such a “utilitarian age”, but expect it, is human touch still necessary? My answer is yes, at least that is what I am following.

Likewise, human touch should be key for enterprises too. A responsible company should be in charge of its products in terms of security, quality but not present sudden huge profit. In such a utilitarian age, keeping conscience always in mind is essential, don’t you think so?

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