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Five Tips For Finding A Reliable Manufacturer In China

In recent years,China is increasingly becoming a “made in China” country in many industries such as construction,high-tech under Chinese policy “Made in China 2025” announced by Xi Jinpin.In a expected result,an incresing number of countries are fond of doing business with China for okay or even “incredible” quality and competitive price.After all,more and more Chinese goods have passed European Standard,which is regarded as a stricter standard compared to other countries.Therefore,let’s just cut to the chase---five tips for finding a reliable manufacturer in China.

1) Profession.Profession is a so wide concept,but here I just mean his professional spirit on the Internet.Try to test by asking him some special vocabulary and see if you get your satisfied answer.Keep contacting with him for a period so that you could know his company culture.provided that it must been a formal corporation that has registered in the local relevant departments and on the Internet which you could easily search online.What’s more,thanks to high-tech,you could have a face-to-face meeting online through many social software like skype.It is worth mentioning that wechat and QQ are more popular and pratical in China than whatsapp and skype,let alone facebook and twitter.

2)Reference.A big and reliable company must have classic cases for your reference,try to ask for a nearby project if possible and make a short survey.Or you could ask for his past business partner that they have ever cooperated before for your reference.Plus,in my opinion,exhibition is a nice evidence provding strength of a factory,too.

3)Extra help.A third party is a good assistant for your understanding towards your target company.Many professional research firms could provide you a detailed report .The normal way for them is to pretend a buyer online and get message you want.That may costs you less than $300 according to my survey last year.

4)Field visit.If all methods above couldn’t make you convinced,I suggest you to make a field visit to his company and workshop.Through this,you could get to know all you wonder including some original documents like org chart.

5)Intuition.It may sounds ridiculous but as a experenced business man,you should have your own judgement through a long-time contact.When everything seem perfect,try to ask yourself that should it be that perfect?Keep your head clear anytime, and believe there is no free lunch.

That is all my suggestion for finding a reliable manufacturer in China.As an experienced trading company that has exported our products to over 122 countries in past 15 years,I could assure you that we are a absolutely reliable manufacturer dealing with commercial building materials and finishes like toilet partition,wall cladding,table,locker especially HPL products which are most popular products this year.(Commercial table tops ,round cafe table,dining table,training table,interior wall cladding).We Jialifu are holding a 15-year anniversary promotion now,welcome to find your reliable manufacturer in China via

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