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Jialifu 15th Anniversary Promotion

From 2001 to 2016,we Jialifu have grown up from a small starup firm to an official example company enjoying a lot of reputations from home and abroad with your support.In practical terms,Jialifu is undergoing a 15-year journey of ups and downs with 5475-day quality guarantee.In order to appreciate 870,000 customers’ approval and great kindness toward Jialifu from around the world,we hold this promotion activity beneficial to all customers.As a result,the detail of our promotion activity are as following.

Free Get

8G USB flash disk will be presented by jialifu as long as you place the order on our products,and you will also get a hiking bag valuing USD200 if your order amount reaches USD5000 or more during the activity.

Lucky $1

Customers who order earliest in the top 10 per day could buy soap dispenser and tissue dispenser for only USD1 .(The maximum order quantity can not be more than toilet cubicles’ quantity.)

Super Voucher

As long as your order amount reaches or exceeds USD5000,you could get a 1% voucher according to your order amount that could be used for next consumption.

Gifts for visitors

You can get an exquisite present--a set of superior tea cup with Chinese style that worth USD100 as long as you visit our factory during the activity.

In the end,please note that our activity will be held from August 1st to September 30th, 2016.Believe it or not,it is definitely a good chance for you(no matter new or old customers) to improve your project at a lower cost.Time waits no man so please grasp this opportunity for your sake and your team.By the way,we strongly recommend you our HPL table(including outdoor table and indoor commercial table such as round cafe table,training table) ,HPL wall cladding(exterior wall cladding and interior wall cladding) which are most popular products in this season.After all,HPL is our best-selling products that have been exported to over 122 countries so far.

For more information of our products,please contact us

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