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Which is better for restroom cubicles between HPL panels and new style PVC

Recently, some people who have learned about the washroom made of the compact laminates, also called hpl panels and new style pvc panels made from Jialifu will get in the struggle of which materials is better for the washroom cubicles. Well, take it easy, Jialifu will show their differences to you.

HPL panels

They are made of the kraft paper soaked by the phenolic resin and the deco paper soaked by the tripolycyanamide under the 150℃ high temperature and 1430psi high pressure. The thickness of the compact laminate can be adjusted according to the number of the kraft paper available from 2mm to 25mm.

This panels are with good performance in abration resistant, color lasting, easy cleaning, moisture and fire resistant, impact resistant, corrosion prevented and environment friendly for the special manufacturing technique. They are widely used in the public restroom cubicles, lockers, wall cladding and outdoor households.

New style PVC panels

The new style PVC panels made the PVC as raw material whose cross profile are the structure of honeycomb meshwork are made from the pvc resins mixing with stabilizers and other auxiliary materials through calendering and lamination.

They also have quite a few of advantages than we know. They can be waterproof, flame retardant, anti-corrosion and mothproof with light weight convenient for construction which is available in sawing, planing and drilling directly.

They are not only used as toilet partitions but also widely used in office, household, public site and wall decoration.

From the features summarizing from the above mentioned we can learn that the Hpl panels seem better than the new style PVC panels for their easy cleaning. But as for the shock absorption effect and construction conditions, the new style PVC panels tend to be more excellent than HPL panels and they are widely used in office places and as the decorative materials.

Therefore, how to choose the right material depends on where you want to place it. Any interested of both materials can contact in

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