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Easy-cleaned, a key point saving cost

According to a latest research from America, 53% business men involved in the investigation expressed their passions about selecting high performance commodities with competitive price which couldn’t be more reasonable. However, there is one more point they often ignore except price, quality, that is maintenance. For some special products, maintenance cost may be fatal. Therefore, an excellent property easy-cleaned is another factor you should consider no matter you are a supplier or a owner of a supermarket, coffee shop, restaurant, etc.

Here is a true story I wanna share with you. Mark is a Chinese restaurant owner whose restaurant is located in Guangzhou, China. The food is delicious and business is hot, everything seem good. But the problem is that main target customers are children because his restaurant is located near a primary school. That still sounds not bad, right ? Here comes the issue, naughty kids never stop painting on restaurant table tops( MDF tabletop ) with gel pen, pencil, ball-point pen and marker pen. We all know that marker pen is the most difficult one to clean among them which is the issue to Mark. “ I have tried many ways including cleanser, thinner. You know, thinner is not allowed to use for commercial complex especially in a restaurant, but I have no idea about it. ” Mark said to me depressingly. Here is the thing, if the mark couldn’t be cleaned that he would consider for purchasing a new set of tabletop or round restaurant tables directly.

See? Never ignore any step even after sale. Easy-cleaned could also be a key point saving your cost. Plus,I have to recommend an excellent board that could be so easy to clean and save follow-up trouble, that is compact laminate. What’s more, we have made a test about it for your reference, please check it and visit our hot-sale product compact laminate via


Or you can have a general idea for our industrial standard first via


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