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Is expensive exterior wall cladding really worthy?

Exterior wall cladding, which is regarded as the visible exterior protector prolongs building’s life, is also compared to a phone case towards cellphone. In general, what will come to your mind once mention exterior wall cladding? The roof or exterior wall?

As a matter of fact,exterior wall cladding has been given more functions and being diverse. Some common types of them are curtain walling, Timber cladding, PVCu, tile hanging, render, brick slips, compact laminate. The price of them are various while definitely performance are different. So here comes the problem, is experience exterior wall cladding really worthy?

To solve this problem, we need to analyze from the function of exterior wall cladding and the factor effecting our decision of choosing it.

About exterior wall cladding’s function, I draw a conclusion as follows:

Better appearance


Protect the building from external conditions

Prevent the spread of fire

Prolong lifetime

Create a controlled internal environment

Providing openings for access, daylight and ventilation

Control interior temperature

A entire set of exterior wall cladding could be composed of many small parts such as keel, windows, vent according to installation and building material. However, the following main factors will play a key role in your purchasing process. Likewise, the following are some main factors effecting your final desicion.


Ease of installation

Ease of maintenance and renewal


Control of thermal movement

Performance of fireproof

Appearance and other designs

Control of air leakage

Control of condensation

Protection from exterior condition

Impact resistance

After reading all above, you should have a general idea if expensive exterior wall cladding is really worthy. There is no doubt that exterior plays a important part towards building, so now the key problem is what types of exterior wall cladding you perfer and the cost.

Brick, stone, timber and curtain walling, the most common material for tall buildings ,compact laminate (high pressure laminate), the most popular latest material specially for commercial building. The point is that what type of buildings you are building and what you need from the target exterior wall cladding, how tall your building is which influence the assembling way.

Based on the above, you ought to have an answer inside which exterior wall cladding is your style and your budget.

By the way, I wanna give you some personal opinion about the following common building material.

Curtain walling, commonly seen in huge building for its ease of installation in the air and top grade but deadly weakness is hard to control room temperature.

Stone veneer, generally aims to build a noble and classic environment, but looks a liitle old as far as I am concerned. The shortage is so hard to maintain and cost a lot usually.

Compact laminate, also called high pressure laminate, which is regarded as one of the best building material of exterior wall cladding, integates the advantage of curtain walling and stone veneer. It has excellent physical, chemical performance and appropriate price.

Normally compact laminate could be used for more than 7 years with proper maintenance (actually it is easy to maintain too). However, compact laminate has been widely used because only in recent years experts found it suitable so that it need to be promoted for a long time.

Through all above, have you got your own answer about is expensive exterior wall cladding really worthy and what type of exterior wall cladding you should choose. If you do, I am so glad I have made a little contribution for your choice. If don’t, feel free to contact Jialifu or learn more about hpl material for your final answer.

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