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HPL Board VS CDF Board

HPL Panel and CDF board are both can be used in toilet partition, although HPL Toilet Partition can be seen widely. Today JIALIFU will contrast HPL panel with CDF panel.

About Features

As we all know, HPL board is made from Kraft paper under high temperature and high pressure, good performance in water, fire, moisture, impact resistance. CDF board is made from wood fibers, so it is easy to get moisture when placing in wet environment.

About Weight

The density of HPL board is larger than CDF board, so HPL board is heavier than CDF board, which led to its moisture resistance.

About Decoration

Sometimes we would adopt CNC, adding some patterns or numbers on panels according to the needs of customers. However, CDF panel is too thin to use CNC, otherwise, it will be easy to get wrong.

About Price

The price of HPL panel is higher than CDF board for their different features. JIALIFU will recommend for you according to your budget.

Email us to know the price of HPL panels.

About Application

HPL panel also can be use in wall cladding, locker, table tops, widely use.

If you need more information of HPL borad or CDF board, please, contact with JIALIFU.

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