Compact Laminate
What is compact laminate
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what is compact laminate

What is compact laminate?

Comapct lamiante board, also known as HPL board (high pressure laminate). Jialifu compact laminate is a decorative board that give a variety of functionsin many fields. Since its workmanship and its raw material kraft paper, compact laminate is famous for its thermosetting resins, homogeneously reinforced with cellulose fobers and manufactured under high pressure and temperature. In a word, compact laminate is fireproof, water proof and durable. For its unique design, compact laminate could be equipped with a variety of colors, normally more than 100 types of colors for selection, which is treated as one of the more strength material than normal wood. 

Properties of Compact Laminate

Waterproof & Fireproof

* Impact & Scratch Resistant

* Easy to clean

* Hygiene

* Durability

* High Price Ratio


What does compact laminate panel looks like?

compact laminate 4compact laminate 4

Standard Size



The standard size of compact laminate panel is 12mm.  2mm-25mm is avaible according to your request. 


Compact grade laminate panels get several advantages below: 

Water & Fire ProofImpact ResistantScratch ResistantColor Longlasting
Easy to Clean
Environment Friendly


Compact grade laminate gets a large range of color. 

wall claddingcommercial tabletoilet partition

Wall cladding

Jialifu Wall cladding made of hpl board could be divided into two types, interior wall cladding and exterior wall cladding which have different requirement for compact laminate.

Commercial table

Jialifu commercial table includes cafe table, dining table, restaurant table, training table. Also, they could be divided into exterior table and interior table. All of them could be customized.

Toilet partition

Jialifu toilet partitions have a wide range of design including commercial toilet partition, toilet partition for children, urinal partition and HPL honeycomb toilet partition.                                                                

lockersbenchfor more about Jialifu


Jialifu lockers could be used in school,

gym, office. Therefore, there are mainly three kinds of lockers available including school lockers, sports lockers, employee lockers.


Jialifu benches include "no back" and "single back with back" two kinds all with clothes hook. They are most common in gym, airport, railway station and other public places.

More Jialifu product

Jialifu is always on the way looking for more high-quality compact laminate related products with your approval. For more, please feel free o contact Jialifu.