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Two highly accepted green boards, crosslam&compact laminate

In the construction industry, we always follow the latest building material for better performance of a building and also more profit by high performance-to-price ratio new type of building material. Among them, green building product is the most popular that preferred by customers and manufacturers. In a latest survey, 10 building products are selected as the most popular or most hopeful products by a group composed by 500 common men and 500 experts. Here are two green boards among 10.

The first one is crosslam. Crosslam is made by gluing layers of softwood boards one on top of the next at right angles to each other. The resulting panels are light and dimensionally stable in all directions and can be used for floors, walls, and roofing. CLT is made from less desirable wood, including wood taken from forests killed by mountain pine beetles, but higher quality wood can be used if it is going to be exposed to view, and FSC-certified wood is available. CLT comes in panels up to 40 feet long, 10 feet wide, and 12 inches thick and uses formaldehyde-free Purebond polyurethane adhesive.

What mainly makes crosslam green? Low-emitting.

The second one is compact laminate. Compact laminate is made of kraft paper that are environmental-friendly. Why? Kraft paper is a 100% biodegradable natural product. The pulp is made from long virgin fibres of maritime pine and is not bleached, to ensure minimum chemical processing and to retain the wood's natural colour.Kraft paper biodegrades entirely naturally. Just like the leaves from the trees, kraft paper decomposes naturally within a few weeks, returning to its initial form of cellulose fibres, which can be fully assimilated back into its original natural environment, with no adverse impact on nature or human health. What’s more, for its excellent properties, compact laminate is extremely durable that could be used for more than 7 years with proper maintenance. As a result, it avoids unnecessary waste greatly and at the same time is being one of the best desirable building material for restaurant table tops and wall cladding system.

What mainly makes compact laminate green? Its raw material kraft paper.

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