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Never make a Regrettable decision between compact laminate and MDF for price

A real story of Jame inspires me sharing this post to you. Nothing else, just wanna remind you, no matter as a project manager or a purchasing manager, never make a regrettable decision between compact laminate and MDF for price.

If you have a general idea about compact laminate and MDF, understanding the basic properties of them, you may figure out it will teach you a lesson on choosing suitable building material.

Jame, a senior manager who is in charge of managing a gym for three years. Everything goes well until MDF toilet partitions started to swell months ago. Everyone knows that MDF has a poor performance on moisture resistance, let alone being in touch with water directly. However, when I recommended compact laminate as building material for toilet partitions to him, he just told me that his suppliers assured him at least five years life of MDF toilet partitions which made of “improved softwood residuals with wood fibers”. More importantly, his supplier provided him an attractive price which caused this tragedy. So the result is that being in touch with water for three years, MDF has started to swell while its surface started to crack as well. The only solution is to be replaced in force, otherwise which customer would like to see broken toilet partition in such a high-class gym. Detail is always the key of success.

Plus, does it mean that we should the more expensive building material we choose, the better? My answer is absolutely not. If you are looking for office furniture that won’t be in touch with water fundamentally with low budget, I will suggest you select MDF from reliable manufacturers because it may has enough feature satisfying your application in about 5 years. However, if you are looking for a better lifetime of your toilet partition, restaurant table top or exterior wall cladding, compact laminate price shouldn’t be a factor you consider for it is not expensive at first.

As for price, why not listing the normal three types of building material for you and make a comparison.

  • MDF, the cheaper one with worse performance physically and chemically but in some way is not a bad choice for interior furniture if price is appropriate.

  • Compact laminate, the most recommended one among three with overall benefits which also been rewarded as the most durable building material in a way with medium price.

  • Solid wood, the most expensive one which used to be touted as king among a large number of building material especially for furniture. Solid wood is lumber that has been milled directly from trees which means that it will cost lots of resource of trees. For one thing, excellent solid wood is hard to find now that a lot fake solid wood exist on the market. For another thing, it is really too expensive.

In a word, when you are making a final decision between compact laminate and MDF or plywood, try to think more about its application value and you actual demand. Sometimes you shouldn’t pay too much attention to the compact laminate price and MDF price then otherwise you may ignore some more important factors.

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