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Comparison Between Several Common Material

Today we are gonna talk about some common material which is regarded as the first key step towards whole project, structure of a building. I am so lucky that had interviewed Mohamed,a 15-year-old experience project manager committed to construction industry especially for commercial complex, school, hospital, hotel, etc. After three hour interview and one-week talk just like old friends ( actually he is a very kind mentor also a experienced engineer ), I harvest a lot and wanna share some useful message with you.

The construction industry is already very old that we could never abandon but just develop day by day. Tall building comes up and old house dies out which could be changed. However, increasing types of material means more difficult choice for us, cheap or expensive, high quality or decent quality, no one can tell a truth. Even so, we could have a general idea through several common material compact laminate ( take Jialifu compact laminate as example ) , natural stone, laminate&Particle Board, plastic material.

Different material fit different products so that we could say no one is perfect but a general comparison is as follows.

As the picture shows, the price of them from high to low are natural stone, compact laminate, laminate&Particle Board, plastic material while the service life of them from long to short are compact laminate, natural stone, laminate&Particle Board, plastic material. “I always recommend compact laminate to them unless my customers have special requirement.” Mohamed said with smile.

As for compact laminate,also called hpl material, is the perfect material for tabletop and wall cladding. For more, please visit

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