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A Good Project Starts With Excellent Board

No matter you are a project manager,a procurement manager or a construction manager,you have to admit that selection of suitable board is a key step of the whole project.In other words,a good project starts with excellent board.

A project may be a little complicated,let’s starts with a commercial table top(whatever you could think of,cafe table top,dining table top,restaurant table top,etc).

Ali,my friend as well as my customer from Albania,once complained with me about cafe table tops made of MDF that he purchased from Europe placed in a coffee shop within a shopping mall.I have seen a picture of his coffee shop before,bookshelf with classic literature and many fashion magazines,classic wooden cladding,comfortable light,all above seems very perfect without furniture,more specificly,MDF table tops.

As we all know, MDF contains a mixture of wood solids, wax,and resin bonded together under high temperatures and high pressure to create a uniform wood-like product that is far cheaper than real wood.It sounds like a good choice for cafe table top,but if you consider a little deeper,you will find that is absolutely a wrong choice.According to what he said,he finally found a cruel fact that much MDF is manufactured using formaldehyde, a known human carcinogen,that he feard from a individual furniture maker.More unfortunately,MDF table top started to be cracked only 9 months after purchasing.Even so,MDF is not suitable for high-class table top especially placed in fancy cafe.In the end,I strongly you a nice board named compact laminate(HPL) that are perfect for high-type table top because its many excellent properties such as durable,smooth,elegant.

Not only a commercial table top,but also a good project starts with excellent board just as the saying goes,detail is the key of success.For more information about HPL,please visit

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