Full plate design make plywood locker completely waterproof. Available in single tier, two tier, three tier, four tier, five tier, six tier and Z tier style locker.
Jialifu manufactures Z lockers for gym, golf clubs and changing room. Extremely durable, large storage room, coat rod/hook and custom size for Z locker to suit you needs.
Digital print locker is different from general print one, as a locker manufacturer, we provide customized locker decoration into any shape you want without worrying about color fading.
Jialifu Swimming Pool Lockers with Waterproof Panels perfectly cope with the problem of deformation and peculiar smell.
Office staff locker is made to fit in different environment requirement no matter wet or dry, high density and strength make it possible for office staff & employee in commercial and industrial needs. This kind of locker aim for provides as many blocks as