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Z Tier Gym Lockers Compact Laminate Board
Jialifu manufactures Z lockers for gym, golf clubs and changing room. Extremely durable, large storage room, coat rod/hook and custom size for Z locker to suit you needs.

Jialifu gym lockers are economical and practical, it can be used for at least 15 years guaranteed by Jialifu and you don’t have to worry that being exposed in the wet or dry environment would make an influence on the shape and quality of it. The locker can be applied in schools, gymnasiums, sports centers, supermarkets, changing room or anywhere else. We are available in single tier to five tier with the special figure such as the Z lockers for you to make an option. Jialifu also supplies the pattern and style custom according to your requests.


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Jilifu gym locker is made by compact laminte board, this is a kind of thick high pressure laminate board. Thanks to the the high pressure and high temperture during the productive process, the laminate locker finally become tough and durable.


* Waterproof & fireproof can handle both wet and hot environment

* Z tier design with coat rod, large storage space

* Multiple color available

* 10-20 years service life 


Jialifu Z tier Gym lockers made of compact laminates get various types of lockers for your choice. Except for the basic functions of water, fire, moisture, bacteria and impact resistance, the Z lockers are also safe in use and friendly to the environment. 

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Choice a suitale lock for a Z locker could pervent the costumers' belongings from beting stolen. For different kinds of electronic locks, we get different keys for option. The gym lockers are usually put in humid room. The ventilation can keep the outer panel from damp and make the inner room clean without odor. We get many types of ventilation for your choice. Here are some simples for you to refer to.



Other Types Option

These kinds of lockers are combined with benches, these benches don't have hooks but they can get a larger space of seats.





There is a number of optional color for customers to chose, including solid color and wood grain color. Compact laminate with solid color looks more fashionable, while the wood grain color give a impression of classic. 




We got a project for a football club in UAE, provided them Z tier gym lockers, this past projects may contain a grain of truth for you to refer to, click the button below to view more projects.


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