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Plywood Locker for Spas and Saloons
Full plate design make plywood locker completely waterproof. Available in single tier, two tier, three tier, four tier, five tier, six tier and Z tier style locker.

Plywood is a synthetic building material mading from multiple layer which is glued together, All plywoods bind resin and wood fibre sheets  to form a composite marerial. This alternation of the grain is called cross-graining and has several important benefits: it reduces the tendency of wood to split when nailed at the edges; it reduces expansion and shrinkage, providing improved dimensional stability; and it makes the strength of the panel consistent across all directions. 

Relying on the advantage of the cost and the suited and high quanlity, this material becomes more and more popular at home and abroad. It have a great performance on the water resistance and fire resistance. According to our accurate record, it has 8 to 10 years lifespan. 


* Waterproof, rustproof and fireproof

* Easy to maintain

* 8 to 10 years lifespan

* No paint cover, environmental friendly

Product Overview

* Standard size: H1900*D550*W300mm

* Panel: 18mm plywood panel

* Edge: PVC bangding

* Standard color: light grey and antique white



We have many kinds of Locker locks for your choice, accroding to the size of blocks, some locks may not available.

Style Options

We got single tier, double tier. triple tier, four tier, five tier, six tier and Z/L tier lockers for your option, locker with benches is also available. Choose a suitable style of locker could make the best use of storage space.


There is a number of optional color for customers to choose, including solid colors, wood grain colors and patterns. Solid color makes the plywood locker looks more fashionable, while the wood grain color gives a impression of classic, patterns and digital print are customized according to your needs.

Looking for more colors, contact us to get free samples and full color range.


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