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Cubby for Work Place & Office
Cubby in different shapes can be used for items and stuff storage, such as keys, cards, advertising flyers, books, decorations and etc.

Cubby is made of HPL to fit in different environment requirement no matter wet or dry, high density and strength make it possible for commercial and industrial needs. The Cubby aim for provides as many blocks as possible to store as much little stuff as possible. By consider of the convenience of storage, we provide no more than 6-tier locker. 

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The compact laminate panel, which is a kind of high density material produced by kraft paper and deco paper in high pressure and high temperature. No only water, fire, moisture, bacteria and impact resistance, the cubby are also safe in use and friendly to the environment.


* Impact resistant safe for storage

* East to clean and install

* Multiple colors available

* Over 10 years of service life




There is a number of optional color for customers to chose, including solid color and wood grain color. The antique white and light grey is the standard color, the products in these colors gets a quick delivery. 

Compact laminate with solid color looks more fashionable, while the wood grain color gives a impression of classic. 



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