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Locker Room Benches
Make your best choice of the bench for locker room. We offer customized compact laminate benches.

Jialifu Locker Room Bench are mainly made by compact laminate. It's widely used in swimming pool, gymnasium, fitness centre and ect. You don't need to worry about it exposing under the sun or being caught in the rain. Our bench is suitable for both indoors and outdoors. Besides, the high pressure laminate panel make the bench to stay in shape and colour in any situation.


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  • Kick-proof panels are resistant to vandalism

  • Standard size: W400 * H400 * L1800

  • Easy to install, clean and maintain

  • Panels: 12mm thick 

  • Vailable in an array of attractive primary colour finishes

  • Fitting: 304 stainless steel

  • Up to 15 years service life with 2 years warranty

  • Edging: Square & L shape

  • Waterproof panels to prevent mildew and bacteria growth

  • Environment : Dry and Wet









Jialifu locker room bench get a standard size of H400mm*W400mm*L1800mm, but the special design is also acceptable. Jialifu designer will show you the pictures before you get the products.

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Compact laminate panel having a special tier on the surface which can prevent the board from deformation and damage is extremely fit for the public place such as gym shower and restroom.There are a number of optional color for customers to choose, including solid color and wood grain color. Compact laminate with solid color looks more fashionable, while the wood grain color give a impression of classic.



We usually offer lockers and benches at the sametime, our past projects may contain a grain of truth for you to refer to, click the button below to view more projects.