Toilet Cubicles
Nursery Toilet Cubicles
Our nursery toilet cubicles have taken the needs of younger age group into full consideration. They are designed with comfort edge and non-pointing hinge. Besides, they can be extremely durable that could be used for more than 10 years in nurseries and pr

Nursery toilet cubices are designed and engineered to resist all the tumble that may occur in school washrooms. In consideration of the children's safety, all the edges are finished with a half-rounded edge and non-pointing hinges. All of our products are made by compact laminate boards which are healthy and environmental friendly. 

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Jialifu nursery toilet cubicles are designed by your needs, both of the toilet cubicle stalls walls and doors are also could be customized, but we still offer standard size designs. Here is a drawing for your reference. 

Customized nursery we had offer: 

Custom cubicle stall walls and doors

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We offer a wide range of solid color for nursery toilet cubicles, and we could also provide digital engraving and print for cubicle stall walls and doors. You can send us a drawing of paint you want for decoration. 

Some solid colors: 

For nursery toilet cubicles, we also offer some pringting service. You can print whatever pictures you want on cubicle surfaces. 


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