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Which Material is Suitable for Shower Partitions?

Shower toilet partition can be used as both shower room and toilet place, so it has high requirements on the features of panels.

Shower toilet cubicle is usually placed under moisture environment, so the feature of water resistance must be considered first. Therefore, JIALIFU recommends HPL panels. The reasons are following.

1. Moisture Resistance

HPL panel is made from 12mm kraft paper, with good performance on water and moisture resistance.

2. Anti-corrosion

Except moisture resistance, corrosion resistance should be concluded from the view of toilet environment, which is acidic environment.

3. Impact Resistance

The service life of panels is important reflection of comprehensive performance, while impact resistance is necessary parameter of comprehensive performance.

Actually, there are many panels also being used for shower toilet partition, such as HPL honeycomb panel, etc. Know more can contact with JIALIFU at

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