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Compact laminate, the extraordinary panel in building material

There are all kinds of building materials of the restroom stall for people to make an choice. However, to compare with other partition materials, the compact laminate, can be called the almighty material of the restroom stall. Why can it be extraordinary from the other panels? It can be accounted for its high overall performance which can signally improve the ability to resist of the outer damage.

It comes to the question that what the abilities are of the compact laminate so that it can achieve the overall performance of the product.

ü the compact laminate is with excellent performance in moisture resistance for it can hold back of the steam and moisture, which can get an obvious improvement of the restroom stall.

ü the compact laminate is with a better advantage in the panel strength, that is to say that the compact laminate can improve the anti-shock capability in a large extent so that the toilet partition will not be destroyed easily by external force.

ü The panel is with the special function of anti-corrosion. As the acid environment the toilet sits,the materials of the restroom stall will easily get damage and corrosive if it is exposed to the acid environment for long time. But the compact laminate won

ü The fire resistance performance. What is the relation between the fire resistance with the toilet partition? Alright, it is because the compact laminate is often used in public toilet whose safety and fire prevention are the prior considerations to notice about. Therefore, the compact laminate shows more strong in fire resistance, the whole toilet stall shows higher safe rank.

In a word, no mater where to install, the toilet partition or tables, the products made of solid compact laminate will be more durable, economical and practical.

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