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Learn Product Safety From Note 7

Recently, “ Note 7 Replacement” has been really a hot event around the world. Some people blame it,one of the biggest mobile phone manufacturers while some pay more attention to product safety itself. As a matter of fact, product safety is an very old topic that has been discussed for many years. However, it is an eternal topic nobody could avoid.

To compete with Apple better, he launched Note 7 one month earlier than i-phone 7. It should be an intelligent strategy and it exactly got a nice result in the first few months. Many highlights you could find on Note 7 like dual-curved screen, S Pen, smart switch and so on. However, innovation doesn’t mean that you could ignore product safety, which I always regard as the key of products. Unfortunately, oversight of battery inspection caused accident that some people are burned severely.

Admittedly, fair industry competition is worth promoting. But such competition at the cost of customers’ personal safety should be greatly blamed, shouldn’t it ?

From above, we could at least draw a conclusion that quality control and material selection are two main steps during production.

Likewise, we could be stricter with our products in the construction industry.

For example, for compact laminate, Jialifu always consider more than customers. Edge of board is a easiest part doing harm to people if we don’t pay attention. Therefore, using edge finishing machines is an effective way greatly protecting user although it will cost more. The result is that finished compact laminate could be smoother and safer and that is what we Jialifu are always chasing.

No matter how times change, product safety will never be out-of-day. Industrial standard of Jialifu may be a reference of product safety, for more news please visit Jialifu News.

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