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Multipurpose Compact Laminate

If you are in the construction industry and have no idea about compact laminate, which has been proved as the multipurpose material by thousands of customers and ISO. Here is a comprehensive guide of compact laminate, which may inspires you in your project.


Jialifu compact laminate is a decorative board that given a variety of functions in many fields. Since its workmanship and its raw material kraft paper, compact laminate is famous for its thermosetting resins, homogeneously reinforced with cellulose fibers and manufactured under high pressure and temperature. In a word, compact laminate is fire, water, moisture resistant and extremely durable. For its unique design, compact laminate could be equipped with a variety of colors, normally more than 100 types colors for selection, which is treated as one of the strength than normal wood.


Thanks to its physical and chemical property, compact laminate seems like hardwood but has better performance and broader application than it. Believe it or not, its use could be almost endless.

For example, compact laminate could be used for these following products,interior wall cladding,exterior wall cladding,commercial table top,toilet partition,locker,bench.And it could be used in the following fields.

  • Commercial complex: supermarket, resort, hotel, bar, restaurant, etc.

  • Public facilities: school, airport, office building, etc.

  • Health care: hospital

compact laminate


As I have mentioned before, compact laminate has nice appearance which also has excellent physical and chemical performance including scratch, wear, stain, moisture and impact resistant that could ensure beyond 10 years lifetime with proper maintenance. Therefore, if you are a perfectionist having a severe requirement towards products, compact laminate may be your best choice. In addition, it is not as expensive as solid wood but performs better in some ways.


On the market, compact laminate has been used for years although many engineers are still using MDF, solid wood, hardwood so that if you want me to make a definition of compact laminate, that is multipurpose building material that has not been widely focused and used but like diamond waiting for our discovery. Even so, many fake compact laminate have been found on the market made of poor kraft paper. Be careful about it! For samples of Jilaifu compact laminate or know more about real one, you could contact Jialifu directly, so glad to share expert knowledge with you.

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