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Modern wall cladding design

The modern public buildings are pursuing humanity, fashion, durability and convenient for maintenance, which makes the wall cladding become the best choice. Jialifu wall cladding adopts the dry-fasten structure, bearing keels as the steel or aluminum alloy sections and install it with the specific standard cramps and adjustable cramps to fix on the panel. The surface of the panel is well-combined with the gaps and virtual gaps so that the installation nodes are concealed perfectly and it is more firm, concise and easy for repairing.

Jialifu wall cladding can provide all kinds of wall corners,ceiling close-ups, foot margin close-ups, fire hydrants, circuit control panels and other solution schemes according to customer’s requirements and spatial condition. Various and abundant close-up designs combined different materials, integrated into wall, which meets customer’s different requirements and displays one’s individuality.

The wall cladding is widely used in hospitals, airports, rail stations, gymnasiums, museums, office buildings, emporiums, etc. Its excellent performances makes it suitable for indoor and outdoor application.

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