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Some feedback about Jialifu HPL furniture

We have talked a lot about commercial table of Jialifu from different point of view,but no matter how we admire,it seems a little powerless.Hence,we really treasure each idea from every customer.Today,let’s follow Ruslan’s step to explore the actual performance which is one of our important business partner.

“It has been four years since I visited your company last time,”Ruslan smiled to us,“but I haven’t noticed any changes of your HPL tables we bought four years ago.”We are not surprised totally because we have done many surveys and a lot of successful cases which have more than 15-year-old lifetime,but we truly appreciate his feedback no matter it is a good news or not.He also said that as for round cafe table and patio furniture,they use very little time to maintain them everyday even they have been strongly fallen down for several times by customers.Never be out of shape and looks glossy as original.So this time,he is trying to get more HPL furniture used in another project such as HPL wall cladding for an office building,commercial table for hotel.Ruslan just stayed for a moment checking our products and turned into the topic about detailed price and specification.We may had reached an agreement about our products,or we can say we trust each other in short.It is the best feeling trusted by our partners which improves work efficiency greatly.

Ruslan,thanks for your feedback and Jialifu will improve ourselves accordingly.What about you?We need your precious opinions to make common progress.More HPL products please visit

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