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Unique skill for decoration--wall cladding

What is wall cladding(cladding system)?To a interior designer,it won’t be strange at all.However,to some people,this word may be a little unfamiliar.You may know cladding and you definitely know wall,but wall cladding?Don’t worry,let me explain it for you.

As the following picture shows,wall cladding is one type of decorative cladding covered on the wall which makes the wall loooks totally different.The most general example is the exterior wall cladding attached on the huge building which makes it more luxurious.Of course,interior wall cladding is as popular as exterior wall cladding these years because it is more welcome by interior designer applying for mainly office building.As a matter of fact,wall cladding has been an artistic factor making a diffenence toward decorating.Even so,different material of wall cladding will cause different style of design.All in all,in order to ensure the quality of wall cladding,I think these following factors are essential,water&fire resistant,impact resistant,sturability.It can be made out of almost anything, but various metals, stones, and composite materials are the most common.So as a result,I strongly recommend HPL wall cladding.Why?I couldn’t demonstrate it for you in a few words but I just wanna say that HPL itself is an excellent material that could be applied in many fields.If you wanna have a further understanding about HPL(high pressure laminate),you could read my previous post that have a detailed introduction of HPL.

In a word,if you keep an eye on the roadside building,you will notice wall cladding is all around us and you will find many kinds of them but HPL wall cladding will be the special one!If you don’t agree with me,just contact me,let’s make a hot discussion!

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