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Jialifu invites you to Malaysia

Jialifu,as a leading manufacturer dealing with hpl(High Pressure Laminate),hpl wall cladding and hpl table in China,we always provide excellent building material and hpl finishes worldwide no matter in domestic or overseas market. In particular,we pay more and more attention to developing overseas market in recent years because we come to realize that without worldwide marketing,the excellent products ought to deserve more promotion will be ignored seriously.

As a result,we actively attend many exhitions around the world from Asia to Europe.Therefore,the big news recently is as following.The 17th International Architecture Interior Design&Building Exhibition will be held from July 20st to 23rd in Malaysia,it must be a top show and also a competition between different styles of architecture about interior design&building.No victor in this game,but best products for you.Let’s get moving because you are already invited!Last but not the least,the site is not ready but we Jialifu are fully ready for everything,Please note the detail,

Tel: 0060103992036,,,

Hall&Booth No:6B,110A

Last but not the least,we always devote ourselves to providing best products meanly including hpl,hpl wall cladding,hpl table.So welcome for you to join the 17th International Architecture Interior Design&Building Exhibition in Malaysia.

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