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Make life simple-inspired from hpl table in restaurant

How could a simple hpl table in restaurant make life simple? You must be kidding me! If you are really thinking like that, you are trying to deny that environment could change our mood, our value or even our lifestyle. Aren’t we trying to change the world which is changing us as well ?

wooden table tops

Stop nonsense and let’s take a look at the picture above, a traditional wooden restaurant table, even though it looks a little old but still pretty suitable for placing in a high-class restaurant, or with some candles may be better. Fitting six people or four relaxing chat with close friends, how sweet ! Is it your real thought now? Maybe it is true but you will find another phenomenon that more and more simple and modern restaurant tables are found in trendy restaurant as following hpl table.

Simple, slim, relaxing and trendy, that is what I felt in this restaurant. Why hpl table is increasingly popular? There are three points I could think of.

In small restaurants, a round simple restaurant table will be more profitable for fitting more people which caused more need for hpl tables rather than clumpy wooden tables. What’s more, the price of hpl table must be more inexpensive for hpl table top itself is cheaper than another.

Light and simple things could create a relaxing atmosphere according to a latest report from an American psychologist so that even if formal restaurant table could provide us “sense of ceremony” but hpl tables help us get away from busy work.

HPL tables are as durable as wooden tables or even more durable requiring less maintenance. About HPL(compact laminate), I have described it in my another passage what is high pressure laminate so that won’t do that again.

All in all, an era needed to be simpler so that a simpler environment is trendy. Make life simple from hpl tables in restaurant, make a simple lifestyle.

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