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Will HPL replace plywood in the future?

In order to judge if a board is suitable for you,we ought to compare them with many different standards such as hardness,smoothness,durablity and the price! However,the value of a board should be reflected more in its finishes so that today let’s have a little discussion between HPL patio table and plywood patio table through the following two pictures.

Let’s focus on the table top and put the table leg aside temporarily.As you can see,HPL tabe looks totally different with plywood table because of the following points.First,the raw material of plywood is basicly wood although there are several kinds of plywood fitting different occasion like softwood plywood,hardwood plywood,flexible plywood,tropical plywood,etc while HPL ‘s is kraft paper,which is a natural bio-material,unbleached, recyclable and the product of renewable and actively renewed resources.As a result,HPL table will be a little heavier than plywood table normally,but stronger and more durable.What’s more,the disposal of table top between them is another remarkable distinction.Generally speaking,we take HPL as a decorative panel so the surface of HPL is more smooth and has more options of color because of several special processes towards HPL than plywood.Plus,some different properties of them are as the picture demostrates,HPL has more excellent features than plywood.Believe it or not,as we Jialifu survey,HPL table is more popular than plywood table in recent 5 years,popularity degree of HPL table exceeds plywood table at least 16%.The same could happen to table legs.Even so,as the saying goes,a coin has two sides,HPL table costs more than plywood table at the same level accordingly.

In a word,if you are making a chioce between them,the factors you should consider most are price,actual demand,quality.To be frank,I strongly recommend HPL table no matter in the view of beauty,durability,cost performance.Jialifu devote ourselves to HPL table for 15 years and we have full confidence in providing you the ideal products.Choose Jialifu and we will give you a satisfy answer.

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