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You have no reason to reject an

environmental material HPL

According to Wikipedia,HPL is regarded as one of the most durable and environmental decorative material compared to most wooden material.However,in order to make excellent wood material,we have cut down too much trees.Although some enterprises guarantee that the wooden raw materials they use for wooden finishes are all from the forest they planted,we have to admit it is still a serious problem that human being are facing commonly.

As a result,we introduce our environment-friendly material HPL to you with great honor.Let’s first analyze it from the raw material kraft paper.Kraft paper,a natural bio-material,is unbleached, recyclable and the product of renewable and actively renewed resources.The pulp is made from long virgin fibres of maritime pine and is not bleached, to ensure minimum chemical processing and to retain the wood's natural colour which means the process of making kraft paper has saved numerous wood compared to traditional one.What’s more,the most important factor you should think of is the service cycle of HPL finishes.Without a long service cycle,even the most environmental products are not worth mentioning especially,let alone building material which is ought to be used longer.On the basic of transaction record of Jialifu,10 years are the minimum assurance with proper maintenance.What’s more,survey report is another reliable way to prove what we said.

Good products like HPL products need promotion,but environmental material is the future trend that we should and must pursue constantly and undoubtedly no matter for environment or your own business.So you have no reason to reject a environment-friendly material for your business or your future business.That is HPL,what we Jialifu have devoted ourselves to it for 15 years.At last,we recommend two products to you,which are our hot-sale products in this season,HPL table and HPL wall cladding!If you are still hesitate,I strongly suggest you to keep a sample for reference that we could provide freely.Contact me and you will get what you need along with the world’s trend.

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