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HPL: Please call me high pressure decorative laminate

HPL is always known as one of the most durable decorative surface materials and has excellent physical and chemical performance for its properties itself. However, please also call it high pressure decorative laminate because it has a large number of color for selection which is greatly different from some wooden material.

As its name shows, hpl is a decorative surface which could provide a innovative visual effect in a specific space. And you even needn’t worry about color fading because excellent little color card is totally fused with compact laminate or other panels when manufacturing it under high pressure( 1430 psi ) and high temperature( 150degrees C) according to Jialifu’s standard. Unless the production process isn’t under high pressure and high temperature or fake color card was used.

The color ranges from some normal color such as antique white, light gray to some special color like brushed wave, pearl. What’s more, if you prefer wood color and wanna create a wooden environment, wood color of high pressure laminate are available. No matter what kind of color you could think of for your special space design, HPL could meet your requirement most for you could call it high pressure decorative laminate.

For more about hpl which we also call it high pressure decorative laminate, feel free to contact Jialifu or know more about it main finish compact laminate first.

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