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School faces an influx of students every day, making the storage of their belongings a problem. In the past, we usually use the metal lockers, mainly made by iron or steel. The traditional lockers for schools don't cost too much but also can't serve for too long. The stains and rust also causes health problems.

And now, students prefer to decorate their lockers, DIY their own space, when a student graduated, those stuffs left in the locker makes the cleaning a problem,too.

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So, how to choose a school locker?

There are two main purposes for lockers in school.

The first is for personal belongings storage. These lockers are usually placed on the hallway, it should be designed to handle the situation a large number of students passing by, bump into the lockers, use and abuse the lockers day to day, year to year. In addition, the storage space should be also considered, students may place their books, clothes and other belongings into the lockers, so this kind of lockers must gain a enough space for students to store their belongings and should be tough enough to handle the crowds, single tier and double tier lockers might be a suitable size.

The second is the lockers for changing room. Whenever swimming or gym, students need locker room with lockers to store their clothes. These lockers don't need to be too tough, but need to gain enough space to hang clothes and place shoes. This kind of lockers can be also considered as gym lockers, so we usually use Z/L type locker design for school changing/locker room lockers. At the same time, the ventilation and the feature of moisture-proof/water proof is also necessary, when clothes with sweat would make lockers smelly and the wets would make locker out of shape.

Lockers for sports clubLockers for stadium

We had cooperated with several stadiums and sports clubs, providing them lockers with HPL doors and plywood bodies, both of these two materials are moisture proof, this kind of combination can be economical while the plywood body represents a lower price and the HPL door provides a customized door shape.

Then we need to consider of the appearance of lockers. Traditional lockers are always in a same color and looks uncomfortable. When it comes to compact laminate lockers, the large range and customized digital print could make the lockers looks colorful and more fashion. For the consideration of recycling, the lockers should be easy to clean and easy to maintain which makes the solid phenolic locker a better choice.

As a conclusion, the material and the fittings for school locker are depends on the situation you would like to use. For hallway lockers, choose a sturdy and durable locker can be more practical, when it comes to school changing room, the function, such as feature of moisture-proof, appearance and coat hang is what we should considered.

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